How to Create a WordPress Site

OceanWP Theme for WordPress Websites

1) Find a domain name and a web host

Hostinger offers you six specialized hostings: Shared web hosting, but also Cloud hosting, WordPress, VPS, Windows VPS, as well as Minecraft web hosting! The Hostinger company currently has 29 million users in 178 countries.

Hostinger logo

There are other quality web hosts, including Flywheel and Cloudways .

Cloudways WordPress Hosting
Cloudways WordPress Hosting

2) Install WordPress

This installation can be done in a few clicks and automatically from your web host.

3) Install a theme for your website

Among the best known are Divi , OceanWP , Astra, Kadence, …

Divi WordPress Theme
OceanWp Demos Examples

4) Install extensions for your website

For example: Elementor and Crocoblock for design and modularity, Yoast SEO or Rank Math to improve your SEO, WPML to build a multilingual website, UpdraftPlus or All-in-One WP Migration to backup your site, WP Cerber to improve the security of your site, LuckyWP Table of Contents, LuckyWP Cookie Notice…

5) Configure your social networks

This operation must be done by choosing the name of your own website in order to promote it for free by regularly sharing your articles as they are published.

6) Write and post content regularly.

WPML: The Multilingual WordPress Plugin

For anyone who wants to develop a multilingual site, WPML is one of the essential extensions.


How to speed up your WordPress site

1) The crucial importance of the web host

We will tend to tell you: find a quality host! Certainly, but there is also another area that should attract our attention: the optimization of images for your website! It is estimated that images represent around 20% of the total weight of a web page…

2) Image compression

The most basic way is to compress your images before uploading them to your website. It is then necessary to find a balance between the size of your files and an image quality that is still acceptable. A simple and free online tool such as TinyPNG will do just fine.

A much more practical solution would be to be able to automate this process. For this you can use an extension for your website such as Optimole , Imagify , LiteSpeed , or even ShortPixel . These extensions automatically compress images when we download them from the media library. These plugins will also allow you to use the Webp image format, which is more efficient than the PNG or JPEG formats.

3) Database optimization

It is also possible to optimize its WordPress database. It must be said that many extensions leave unwanted files after their uninstallation. Many websites, especially older ones, use the MyISAM storage engine. However, the InnoDB standard, which appeared later, is more efficient.

We must also make sure to optimize the mobile version of our website, especially since Google has made it a major criterion for SEO by launching its Mobile First index in 2018. According to Google, “We don’t have a mobile-first index different from our main index. Historically, the desktop version was used for indexing. Now content from the mobile version will increasingly be used for indexing.

Improve your SEO thanks to a table of contents

For those who haven’t purchased the PRO version of Elementor, there are extensions to have a table of contents at the beginning of each of your blog posts. My favorite extension is LuckyWP Table of Contents .

LuckyWp Table of Content WordPress plugin

This allows you to insert either automatically or manually for each new article writing, a table of contents in all your articles. Fully configurable, this small extension also offers you many configuration options.

The Crocoblock Tool Collection

This is one of the most successful ways to create professional looking websites. Whether your website is a blog, a showcase site or even an e-commerce site, this suite may interest you for its ease of use and impeccable results. More details in this article .

WordPress Crocoblocks Building Websites

Roboform password manager

RoboForm has a reputation as one of the best password managers and offers, in addition to a completely free version, the “RoboForm Everywhere” plan as well as a “Business” plan for companies. More details in this article .

RoboForm Password Manager

3 good reasons to use a VPN

1. Security against hackers

A VPN allows your internet line to be encrypted, which is particularly useful for connecting to public WiFi networks, as these allow cybercriminals to easily hack your private data. For the same reasons, a VPN also makes it possible to secure the consultation of your online bank accounts. This is why it is necessary to keep your VPN turned on to maintain your security.

2. Confidentiality of your personal data

VPNs encrypt all data that travels over your network, making it virtually impossible for hackers, ISPs, and governments to see your personal information.

3. Circumvention of geographic restrictions

Your real IP and your geographic area allow websites to block certain content for broadcasting rights reasons (Streaming, TV channels, Netflix). With a VPN you take control by choosing the country you want to appear from.

Improve your SEO with the Rank Math plugin

This plugin can help you get a deeper insight into your audience and traffic sources with its Analytics module. It can cover keyword research, managing redirects , content optimization, integration of WooCommerce , the creation of sitemaps , optimizing your Local SEO , integration of social media , image referencing, thanks to the module “Image SEO ”, the management of the indexing of your URLs thanks to the Indexing module by Google and Bing, and the management of several very useful tools .

Rank Math Seo Plugin
Rank Math Seo Plugin

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