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The collection of tools that goes by the somewhat bizarre name of Crocoblock is one of the most accomplished ways to create professional-looking websites. Whether your website is a blog, a showcase site or an e-commerce site, this collection of tools for Elementor , the well-known page builder that needs no introduction, as well as for Gutenberg, the WordPress content editor, may interest you with its ease of use and impeccable results.

This collection of tools works in synergy with Elementor, regardless of whether it is the paid or free version.

Crocoblock is a veritable toolbox that includes 59 website templates for professional activities, 20 plugins (which include 150 widgets), 150 pop-ups, as well as a free theme called Kava.

What we immediately notice is the diversity of possibilities offered by Crocoblock: creation of menus, addition of a simple widget, creation of a system for publishing reviews, addition of a reservation system, choice of blogging templates, adding various WooCommerce features…

The 59 website templates for professionals

This collection of Templates includes 12 “Dynamic Templates” and 47 “Design Templates“, i.e. ready-to-use and spectacular looking WordPress site templates, categorized by themes.

The 59 website templates These templates are of professional quality and therefore allow freelance entrepreneurs to create a large number of specialized websites, more simply and faster than ever.

To fully appreciate these site models, it is possible to view real demonstration sites, this allowing you to check the appearance and functionalities of the various models. So, as examples, we have the choice between:

Crocoblock - WooCommerce template 1
book sale template
Crocoblock - vehicle rental template
Vehicle rental template

The 20 Plugins of Crocoblock

These are very diverse plugins that include a more or less large number of widgets.

– “Jet Elements” plugin: this plugin allows you to add 45 widgets to the Elementor page builder, which allows you to customize your websites even more. Some of these widgets allow more settings than their counterparts included in Elementor. This plugin also allows you to create parallax effects.

Crocoblock Jet Elements - Plugin WordPress
Plugin Jet Elements

– Plugin “Jet Form Builder”: this plugin allows you to create forms and customize them.

– Plugin “Jet Tricks“: 8 widgets will allow you to enrich the appearance of your website with parallax effects and various animations.

– “Jet Engine” plugin: this plugin is composed of 17 widgets, allowing to create custom post types, add custom fields, taxonomies, tags, user profiles, customize blog posts,… .

– “Jet Grid Builder” Plugin: Create a flexible grid builder for Elementor. You will also be able to create personalized fields and dynamic content concerning the prices of the services offered, reservation information, categories, listings, …

– “Jet Smart Filters” plugin: this plugin provides 15 widgets that will allow you to use filters to help users filter all kinds of options, whether you have an online store or blog posts.

– Plugin “Jet Booking“: mettez en place une fonctionnalité de réservation pour votre site internet, et associez-la à WooCommerce et Stripe. You will thus allow Internet users to book your services via your website.

– Plugin “Jet Appointment“: thanks to this plugin, you can make your reservation and even select the person you want to see perform the service. Ideal for hair salons and doctors. Among the various settings, you can set the opening hours.

Crocoblock - Plugin Jet Apointment
Plugin Jet Appointment

– “Jet WooBuilder” plugin: with this plugin you will have more than 60 widgets to customize your online store: registration form, orders page, dashboard, account page, .. .

Crocoblock - Plugin Jet Woobuilder
Plugin Jet WooBuilder

– “Jet Product Gallery” plugin: improve the current WooCommerce product gallery by having more options to offer, including creating an image gallery for each product, creating a zoom effect on each image, adding a “share” function on social networks, add videos, …

– “Jet Compare Wishlist” plugin: compare different products next to each other and add them to your wishlist.

– “Jet Popup” plugin: boost your leads and sales with ready-to-use pop-up templates. This plugin will be particularly useful if you do not have the Pro version of Elementor.

– Plugin “Jet Reviews“: this plugin will allow you to publish opinions on products and services. Your customers will be able to write a comment and assign a rating. Among the many settings available, you can of course approve or disapprove these comments.

Crocoblock - Plugin Jet Reviews
Jet Reviews Plugin

– “Jet Menu” plugin: this plugin will allow you to create mega-menus, choosing between a horizontal menu, a vertical menu and a hamburger menu. You can add icons and special highlighted text.

– “Jet Blocks” plugin: thanks to 9 widgets, you can improve your header and footer by adding additional elements.

– “Jet Search” plugin: add Ajax Search to your website. The results will be ranked by relevance.

– “Jet Blog” plugin: create an attractive and powerful blog by displaying your blog posts in a grid or list format.

– “Jet Tabs” plugin: this plugin contains 4 widgets that will allow you to customize your tabs, adding many more settings compared to Elementor.

Jet Tabs plugin: Switcher widget

– “Jet Style Manager” plugin: this free plugin allows you to style any Gutenberg block and adjust its visual rendering.

– “Jet Theme Core” plugin: this plugin offers you ready-to-use page templates: home page, articles page, search page, 404 error page, blog page,… You can also create and manage your own page templates.

Widgets to reinforce Elementor

The collection of tools includes a catalog of 150 widgets for Elementor. These are the same widgets that are offered in the various plugins seen previously. But it is also possible to buy them separately, individually.

These widgets are categorized by themes: useful widgets for design (17 widgets), content, images, blogs, data filtering, forms, take action, and especially for WooCommerce (77 widgets).

Crocoblock - widgets for content
Crocoblock - widgets for design
Crocoblock - call to action widgets
Crocoblock - widgets for WooCommerce

Crocoblock’s 150 interactive pop-ups

Crocoblock - Interactive Popup - Christmas
Crocoblock - Interactive popup - lingerie
Crocoblock - Interactive popup - Halloween

No less than 150 original pop-ups are included in this voluminous collection of tools!

These pop-ups are configurable: thus the setting of the appearance of the pop-up can be made according to the loading of the page, after a period of inactivity, when scrolling the page, when exiting the page, on a certain date, at a certain time and when clicking on an element of the website.


Crocoblock - Pricing

There are four plans to choose from. Three plans are annual, the fourth plan offers a lifetime usable license.

The first plan “Custom” is fully customizable as the name suggests, in case you just want to buy one or more plugins. The plan “All-inclusive” costs $199 per year. It includes all plugins, widgets, pop-ups and templates, for a single website. The plan “All-inclusive Unlim” costs $399 per year. It gives the right to a license that can be used on an unlimited number of websites. The ” Lifetime ” plan is also valid for an unlimited number of websites, but it has the advantage of offering a lifetime license, for a single cost of $999.

You can buy the whole set of plugins and widgets, or just a plugin or a widget according to your needs. As often in these cases, it is much more interesting to choose the whole pack.

It is offered a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied.

For those hesitant to sign up for a subscription, this collection of tools for Elementor and Gutenberg has an excellent rating of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot, with over 700 reviews in total.

WordPress Crocoblocks Building Websites


What page builders is Crocoblock compatible with?

The collection of tools is compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg .

Do I need the Pro version of Elementor?

Absolutely not, the free version of Elementor is sufficient.

Which WordPress themes are compatible?

Crocoblock is compatible with Elementor Hello Theme , OceanWP , Astra Theme, Blocksy Theme, GeneratePress Theme, and of course Kava Free Theme.

I don’t want to use Elementor. Are there plugins that work exclusively with Gutenberg?

Yes, Jet Engine, Jet SmartFilters, Jet GridBuilder, Jet FormBuilder and Jet ProductGallery plugins.

Can I use this collection of tools to build websites for clients?

Of course, it is even recommended!

Can we benefit from a free trial?

No, unfortunately this is not provided, but there is a 30 day money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied.

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Crocoblock - Pricing


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