Try Frog Tech Builder For Free and Create 3 Sales Funnels

Frog Tech Funnels
Frog Tech Funnels

Un funnel de vente consiste à donner au prospect des informations pour l’encourager à passer à l’acte d’achat.

C’est ici qu’intervient Frog Tech: cette société offre une solution modulaire qui vous permet de créer des funnels de vente sur mesure, ce qui la démarque de ses concurrents comme par exemple

Vous pouvez ajouter les modules que vous souhaitez, dans l’ordre que vous souhaitez. Frog Tech intègre aussi un Builder permettant de personnaliser encore plus vos funnels de vente. Dans la version gratuite, vous pouvez construire 3 funnels de vente sans limitations.

Comment créer un Funnel de vente avec Frog Tech

Un fois que vous avez crée votre compte, vous pouvez construire vos trois funnels de vente sans limitations. Il faut commencer par cliquer sur “Create a New Funnel”:

Frog Tech Funnels

Then you have the choice between using a Template, or clicking on “Start From Scratch”:

Frog Tech Funnels

Si vous choisissez un Template, vous êtes redirigés sur un page où vous pouvez personnaliser votre funnel de vente très simplement, par exemple, j’ai choisi le Template “Goldmine Unlimited”:

Frog Tech Funnels

Une fois vos réglages effectués, vous pouvez afficher un aperçu, tester votre funnel de vente, le mettre en ligne, et le partager sur Facebook et Tweeter:

Frog Tech Funnels

Mais si vous choisissez “Start From Scratch”, vous seul décidez des pages qui feront partie de votre funnel de vente:

Frog Tech Funnels

And of course you can choose the options you want for each page:

Frog Tech Funnels

The Different Types of Pages

– “Optin Page”: c’est la page qui vous servira à collecter des emails.

– “Sales Page”: this is the page where you will give your sales arguments (texts, photos, videos).

– “Order Page”: this is the secure payment form.

– “Upsell Page”: this is the page that will allow you to sell a product or an additional service.

– “Thank You Page”: this is the page you will use to thank each customer.

Frog Tech Funnels

The Frog Builder

It is of course possible to choose the order of the pages. You can then build each of your pages, not only by using the options specific to each type of page, but above all thanks to the Frog Builder.

The Frog Builder then proposes a hierarchy to build our pages: the “Sections” (in green), the “Groups” (in red), and finally the “Blocks” (in blue), which is reminiscent of the DiviBuilder.

  • The “Section” is intended for large portions of pages. Its main purpose is to have a unified background.
  • The “Group” is a container of several elements. Its main objective is to organize and structure different blocks between them.
  • The “Block” is the content itself. A text block, a video block, a button block, etc…

Hovering over a layer will highlight lower layers:

Frog Tech Funnels

The gear icon opens the settings for a particular item:

Frog Tech Funnels

The two chevrons icon allows you to adjust the position of an element:

Frog Tech Funnels

Use the arrow to move the Block/Group/Section up or down:

Frog Tech Funnels

The interface is really well done, and you can easily navigate between pages and options without wasting your time. We realize that the developers have done a tremendous job.

Le Frog Tech Wiki

If you are lost, there is the “Frog Tech WIKI” to guide you! This is a very well done set of tutorials that covers absolutely every Frog Tech option. Incredible !

Frog Tech Funnels
Frog Tech Funnels
Frog Tech Funnels

Il n’y a plus d’excuse possible pour ne pas construire le funnel de vente parfait dont nous rêvons.

Advantages and disadvantages of Frog Tech

The advantages over the competition are numerous:

– La version gratuite permet la construction de 3 funnels de vente sans limitations, alors que la plupart des concurrents ont une version gratuite qui ne permet pas de faire grand-chose.

Frog Tech Funnels

– Simple interface, ideal for beginners.

– Loading times are super fast.

– Detail which is always interesting about the user interface, we can note a light/dark mode which is activated automatically according to the settings of our operating system.

– Image editing can be done directly on Frog, so there is no obligation to use Canvas or Photoshop.

– Connection can be done with 5 payment processors: Stripe, Paypal,, Mollie, Heropayments.

Frog Tech Funnels

– Marketing integration: connection with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

– Connection with Teachable and Webhooks.

– The ability to create custom themes and import any Google font.

Frog Tech is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

– Une classification des funnels de vente grâce à un système de tags.

– Development of complex Funnels

– Test de la rapidité d’affichage de chaque funnel de vente.

– Very complete dashboard: you can control at any time the number of visits, the number of sales, the number of prospects, your income, earnings per click (EPC).

Frog Tech Funnels

– Do you work on several companies? Create their own identity by assigning them brand colors and fonts.

– Invitez des coéquipiers sur votre espace de travail pour construire ensemble. Parfait si vous travaillez avec des designers, des rédacteurs et des constructeurs de funnels de vente.

– Animate blocks as they appear on your page. Choose between fade, bounce, float…

– You don’t need to save your work every 5 minutes, saves are automatic.

– The disadvantages: no integrated autoresponder for the moment.

Frog Tech Funnels

Rendez-vous sur la page de Frog Tech pour construire gratuitement 3 funnels de vente.

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