Gamestarter $GAME, the New Platform for Independent NFT Games Crowdfunding

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Gamestarter is a new fundraising platform whose mission is to revolutionize the fundraising sector for game projects, thanks in particular to its $ GAME token.

Thus, independent game developers and content creators benefit from a whole new channel of financial support to incubate their ideas, through the pre-sale of in-game assets in the form of NFT.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, sparked the entire cryptocurrency industry in early 2021 when new odds records were established week after week.

So, NFTs here promise to provide a viable solution, as they help game makers monetize their ideas faster and more simply.


Gamestarter has many strengths: the company capitalizes on the gaming industry which is growing exponentially, the creation of a clear funding path according to the gaming projects, and finally, a team with knowledge of gaming experts.

An exponentially growing gaming industry

The gaming industry is already huge and growing exponentially.
Almost one in three people in the world now play video games. That’s 2.1 billion people who play at least once a month!

Gambling is an industry worth over $ 160 billion and is one of the fastest growing among all industries.

In fact, according to Statista, games make up the biggest chunk of funding on Kickstarter, reaching $ 1.44 billion.

Usually, funding on platforms like Kickstarter often comes in the form of game presales, which is similar to a utility jet presale.

Tokens are purchased to provide access to other products that will be uploaded later. Presales of in-game items are similar, you have the option to purchase a certain, most likely unique, asset that will be playable in the game.


Gamestarter’s business model provides players with additional liquidity, access and ownership over their pre-sale items, which come in the form of NFTs.

Additionally, Gamestarter provides a marketplace to trade digital assets from successfully launched games.

Establishing a clear path for gaming projects

What is interesting about Gamestarter is that it clearly distinguishes from the start three categories of games that will be funded.
For the “Open” category, any game project can apply (which is similar to the Kickstarter model).

In this case, most of the games qualify for enlistment.

The “Prime” category is more imitated: it concerns games that have exceeded the basic creation level.

These games are expected to have already attracted a certain community, proven working prototypes and developed a lore or original gameplay.

Through this division, lenders can make informed decisions by simply choosing the category in which they wish to invest.

There is also the “Originals” category: this category only concerns games that will be produced and promoted directly by Gamestarter.

A team with expert knowledge of games

A significant advantage of the Gamestarter team is that the founders know the weak spots in the industry and now approach them with the practical experience they have gathered in their past careers.

There are many other benefits to having founders with a deep understanding of the field, including having a good network among other indie game developers allowing the team to bring them on the basis of good relationships.

The $ GAME token is available for sale on Uniswap as well as on the exchange site.

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