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What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means that your site will share the same server with many other sites. This type of hosting is extremely popular because it offers the most affordable rates to put your website online.

Hostinger ‘s Three Shared Web Hosting Plans

The company was established in 2004 and is known for aggressive pricing, while delivering excellent performance.

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1) Hostinger single web hosting

This plan is particularly suitable for beginners because of its very low price: $1.99 (€1.49) per month, over a period of 48 months. This is the entry-level plan. At this price, you will be entitled to a website and a free e-mail account, 30 Gb of SSD storage, 100 Gb of bandwidth, a WordPress installer, a free SSL certificate, 2 databases, GIT access to manually manage your backups. This plan is calibrated for 10,000 monthly visitors, which is more than enough.

2) Premium Hostinger shared hosting

This plan is more complete, it offers 100 websites, 100 Gb of SSD storage, automatic installation of WordPress in 1 click, unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of databases, SSH access, a free SSL certificate and a Free domain name. This particularly complete plan costs only $2.99 (€2.99) per month over a period of 48 months. This plan is calibrated for 25,000 monthly visitors

3) Business Hostinger shared hosting

Compared to the Premium plan, this high-end plan doubles the storage capacity: 200 Gb instead of 100 GB. This Business plan also allows you to take advantage of free daily backups of your websites, and Cloudflare optimization. Pricing is $4.99 (€4.99) per month over a 48-month term. This plan is calibrated for 100,000 monthly visitorsls.

Hostinger guarantees for the 3 web hosting plans

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. Support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via live chat or email. Finally, the annual availability rate of the host is 99.99%.

Regarding security, the host offers free and for all web hosting plans, protection against DDoS type attacks, in partnership with the company Cloudflare.

The Hostinger UI

The interface is user-friendly and therefore allows navigation between the menus by anyone, including those who do not have much experience in the development of websites. The control panel is available for all web hosting plans.

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The interface is available in several languages, in addition to English: Arabic, Simplified Chinese, French, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Brazilian, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish (several versions), Turkish.

Hostinger data centers

The locations are spread over 4 continents:
Europe (France, Netherlands, Lithuania, United Kingdom), North America (USA), Asia (Singapore, India), South America (Brazil).

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How do I create my email accounts?

This configuration is done in a few minutes and does not require any special technical skills:

How many subdomains can I create for a single account?

With single web hosting, you can create 2 subdomains. For Premium and Business plans, you can create 100 subdomains.

How does shared hosting work?

Shared hosting works by allowing multiple users to share space on a single server managed by the hosting provider. Your website won’t be able to use resources beyond the maximum allowed, but that might not matter if your website doesn’t require a lot of space or processing power.

Who is shared hosting intended for?

Shared hosting is an Internet hosting mode intended mainly for small or medium-sized websites and blogs.
This type of hosting is extremely popular because it offers the most affordable rates to put your website online. This is usually the cheapest option, but with limited bandwidth, administration, and performance capabilities.

Does shared hosting allow me to install WordPress?

Yes. Shared hosting is an inexpensive option for new users that can be used with WordPress. Shared WordPress Hosting is fully integrated with all WordPress features to include automatic WordPress updates and installation.

Hostinger - Web Hosting - User Interface - WordPress or WooCommerce Installation

I already have a website. Can I transfer it to Hostinger web hosting?

Yes, you can get free help, whether you use WordPress or a less traditional CMS.

Hostinger - Web Hosting - 24_7_365 Live Chat Support

Is it possible to change the hosting plan afterwards?

Upgrading the current web hosting service to another hosting plan is very simple, there is only the price difference between the two plans to pay.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to use Hostinger web hosting?

Nope ! Many tasks can be performed in a few clicks and without any prior technical knowledge, such as setting up an email address linked to your domain names, or installing a content management system such as WordPress or other .

How to install an SSL certificate?

This installation is done in a few clicks and does not require any special technical skills:

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