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Hostinger was originally a company founded in 2004 under the name of Hosting Media, but it was in 2011 that the name Hostinger appeared after a complete overhaul of the hosting offer. The host currently claims 29 million users in 178 countries, for an average of 15,000 registrations per day.

Data centers are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, Brazil, and India. This is perfect for propelling an international website. Hostinger hits hard with near perfect uptime: 99.997% over the last few months.

Note that most of the products offered are eligible for a 30-day refund period after purchase.

Annual and monthly plans

You can of course choose between monthly or annual plans, the latter allowing you to benefit from a reduction in price equivalent to one or two months of subscription. The initial subscription period can be up to 4 years, in increments of one year. The price list  de Hostinger therefore offers a particularly large choice, especially since several types of hosting are offered.

Very aggressive prices

Not only are the prices of the various plans among the lowest in the market, if not the lowest for entry-level offers, but in addition most of these plans include a free domain name, a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, a CloudFlare protection, unlimited traffic and at least one email account.

A small limitation all the same

It can be noted that the most economical shared hosting plan (the one at 0.99 euros per month) has only one e-mail account, a restriction to be taken into account according to your needs.

Six types of web hosting

Hostinger offers no less than six specialized hosting: Shared Web hosting, Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Windows VPS hosting, as well as Minecraft hosting! Within each type of hosting, Hostinger offers at least 3 variable plans depending on the desired services.

  1. Shared Web Hosting 

    Hostinger mutualised web Hosting

Hostinger, like many other web hosting services, offers shared web hosting. With this most basic level of hosting, your website lives on a server with other websites. In other words, sites literally share the resources of a single server.

The advantage of this cohabitation? You share the hosting costs, which allows you to benefit from cheap web hosting. Disadvantage? Shared hosting is not very efficient, so your site may slow down or become unavailable if your content, or the content of other sites that coexist with yours, receives a spike in traffic…

This web host is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market today. The prices are 0.99 euros for the “Individual” plan, 1.89 euros for the Premium plan and 3.99 euros for the Business plan.

  1. Cloud Hosting                                                  Hostinger Cloud Hosting

According to Hostinger, this type of hosting is up to 3 times faster than traditional shared hosting. The second advantage is the ease of use, identical to shared hosting. The third advantage is modularity: as needed, it is easy to increase allocated memory, SSD disk space, or the number of CPU cores.

The “Starter” plan is 7.45 euros per month, the “Professional” plan is 14.95 euros. The most expensive plan at 49.99 euros “Global Cloud” is powered by Google Cloud. Each of these three plans offers 300 websites and 100 e-mail accounts.

  1. WordPress hosting

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

The four plans offered here are for those who only want WordPress sites and therefore need servers specially optimized for the use of this CMS. Prices remain relatively modest compared to Cloud hosting, ranging from 2.15 euros for the “Starter” plan to 14.95 euros for the “Enterprise” plan, via the “Premium” plan at 4.45 euros.

The Starter plan entitles you to 100 sites, the other two plans offering 300 sites. These 3 plans give the right to CDN (content delivery network) optimization: website data is available from several geographically distinct servers in order to operate in synergy and thus offer even more efficient loading times.

As for the installation of WordPress, it is automated and is done in one click.

  1. VPS Hosting

    (Virtual Private Server)
Hostinger VPS Hosting

Dedicated hosting will be of interest to small businesses that cannot afford to invest in a dedicated physical server. Here, Hostinger’s offer is even more extensive: no less than 6 plans available, variable according to the number of cores (from 1 to eight, excuse me), RAM (from 1 GB to 160 GB), SSD storage (from 20 GB to 160 GB), the allocated bandwidth (from 1 TB to 8 TB).

All these plans have a dedicated IP and full root access controllable by SSH The prices range from 3.95 euros for the “1 Core” version to 32.99 euros for the “8 Cores” version .

  1. Windows VPS Hosting

Hostinger Windows VPS hosting

This specific hosting for Windows servers offers 4 plans ranging from $ 26 to $ 250.

6. Minecraft hosting

Hostinger options Minecraft

Minecraft fans can create their own Minecraft server here without breaking the bank: prices range from 8.95 euros to 32.95 euros depending on the configurations offered within 5 different plans depending on the number of CPU and RAM you want. These five plans benefit from protection against DDoS attacks as well as automatic backups.

The Hostinger dashboard

Profile management is particularly intuitive. The invoices are clear, you can consult the options subscribed at any time such as the purchase of one or more domain names.

You can also very easily change the automatic renewal option at any time without having to search through wacky submenus.


The interface is available in no less than 9 languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Ukrainian, Indonesian and Lithuanian.

The dashboard also includes website migration, access manager, activity and billing history, CDN management, SSL certificate management, SSH access, email management, Hostinger store ..

You have the option of securing your account with a two-factor authentication system (A2F), either by choosing the email authentication option, or by linking an authentication application with your Hostinger account (Authy or Lastpass).

Hostinger 2FA authentification

Client service

First of all, Hostinger does not offer customer service over the phone. But you can contact the company either by email or Messenger by submitting a ticket in the “Help -” section.> Support ”of his Hostinger profile.

I gave it a try by purchasing an SSL certificate and then requesting a cancellation and refund due to a mistake on my part. I asked my question using the Messenger icon from Hostinger.

I then received an email from customer service in less than half an hour, email from which I was referred to chat where I just had to confirm my will in a very informal way. . It is especially pleasant in this case not to have to fill out forms or to have to follow convoluted procedures.

The company thus benefits from good mark on the Trustpilot site, since it is 4.4 out of 5.

Domain name management

Hostinger Domain Checker

Hostinger  of course allows you to buy a domain name, but also to search for available domain names. Hostinger takes care of the transfer of your current domain name if you already have one. For this you simply need to provide your EPP code, that is to say a secret code that you will obtain from the host you wish to leave. More details on WHOIS on this page .

You can also consult the WHOIS database to find the contact details of the owner of a domain name, to check the registration date or expiration of a domain with a view to its purchase, or to access details of a domain ID.

The WHOIS database contains a list of all domain names registered on the Internet. However, the web host does offer WHOIS confidentiality for a fee. In both cases, you are strongly advised to update your WHOIS details in order to be notified before your domain name expires and therefore not to be caught off guard. More details on WHOIS on this page .

About twenty domain extensions are available

Hostinger  offers the most popular domain name extensions for purchase:
.com .fr .store .net .org .tech .online .xyz .live .digital .me .email .site .space .website .space .eu .uno .host .fun .press

In summary, Hostinger proves to be a quality web host at more than competitive prices, with very responsive customer service and offers for all tastes, ranging from a simple almost free trial ‘to a high-end offer Most plans offer a free domain name, an SSL certificate, CloudFlare protection, unlimited traffic and a minimum email account.

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