NordVPN: 5,500 Servers for a fast and secure VPN

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Launched in 2012, NordVPN boasts 12 million users and has over 5500 servers in 59 countries which is truly exceptional. One day you will have to wonder in which country NordVPN does not have a server! This mesh naturally makes Streaming and TV access very fast. NordVPV works great with Netflix, for example.

The characteristics of NordVPN

NordVPN is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. This VPN also offers the possibility of connecting 6 devices at the same time as well as the Money Back Guarantee valid for 30 days.

NordVPN has a “double VPN” feature: all user data is protected by an additional layer of encryption. Hackers therefore have twice the difficulty of deciphering them.

This process can be described in 4 steps: First, online activity is encrypted on our own device before being redirected to a remote VPN server. The data then arrives at a 1st server where they are encrypted again before leaving. The encrypted traffic then passes through a second server where they are then decrypted. User data finally reaches its final destination securely and confidentially.

This feature can be disabled because it can slow down your connection slightly, but it is very useful for checking your online bacary accounts, for example. This feature can also be deactivated to browse the Tor network, because for this specific use there is the “Onion Over VPN” solution, which routes Internet traffic through a VPN server and then sends it to the Onion network.

Regarding privacy, no activity records kept, NordVPN even gives this clarification on its site: “Audit carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers. We do not track, collect or share any of your personal data”.

NordVPN Website

To configure your VPN, you simply need to choose, in the main menu, a NordVPN server from a list according to the country from which you want to appear. In just a few seconds, you can then browse under cover of an IP address other than the one assigned to you by your Internet service provider.


This is really important because many websites use the IP address of their visitors to locate and identify them. It is then possible to bypass the censorship made from the IP address by certain governments or certain websites (television channels for example) to block certain content according to geographic criteria.

Your real IP address as well as your real location will remain secret because your connection will then become encrypted “end to end” in order to resist any surveillance attempt by a third party, no one will be able to read or intercept your data when you are connected.

The replacement of IP as well as the encryption of the internet connection are obviously very useful when connecting to a public WiFi network. It is indeed this type of network that hackers choose as a priority to suck up our data in order to analyze them and recover passwords or bank data.

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Can I download torrents with NordVPN? After having verified that our IP address is indeed hidden, we can visit download platforms in complete safety.

NordVPN also has a “Kill Switch” feature to block Internet access in the event of one of its servers failing, so as not to compromise the anonymity of the user.

Another security option is also offered: CyberSec. This feature is available for Windows, iOS, MacOS, and Linux. You can enable it from the “Settings” menu, and thus block websites known to host malware, block phishing attacks, and even block flashy pop-up ads, which in turn allows more to speed up navigation.!

Due to Google policies, CyberSec cannot block advertisements that are normally displayed in the NordVPN app for Android downloaded from the Google Play Store. But this ad blocking feature is still possible on Android if you download the app directly from NordVPN here.

Finally, NordVPN customer support is accessible via chat 24/7.

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The three plans offered by NordVPN

NordVPN offers different plans depending on how long you want to subscribe to. The services provided are exactly the same, and the subscription offers in all cases the possibility of connecting 6 devices at the same time.

The prices indicated are exclusive of tax. The cheapest is $ 11.95 US (just under € 10) for a month subscription, the most expensive is $ 89 US (€ 72) per year for a 2 year commitment, and the mid-plan will cost you $ 59 US (48 €) for 1 year subscription.

For businesses, there is a special “NordVPN Teams” version that is featured on this page.


Regarding the different possible payment methods, NordVPN is doing very well since you can pay, in addition to the usual debit or credit cards, with PayPal, Google Pay, AmazonPay, AliPay, UnionPay, Sofort, and even thanks to your cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin , Ethereum and Ripple. At NordVPN, the preservation of online anonymity is noted even in the possibility of payment by cryptocurrency!

You can also pay in cash in some stores (BestBuy and Walmart among others).

Other optional services offered during purchase

For total security and privacy, NordVPN offers two options that are truly complementary to a VPN:

NordPass Premium

NordPass allows you to store your passwords in a secure way, to check their reliability, to share them by secure connection (better than by e-mail…) and to generate passwords randomly. This option allows use on 6 devices. The rate is $ 2.59 US per month (€ 4).

NordLocker Premium

NordLocker is a secure Cloud for hosting personal files. The data is of course encrypted for more confidentiality. The rate is $ 2.59 US per month (€ 4).

List of countries benefiting from NordVPN servers

If your country does not appear in the list below, it does not absolutely forbid you to use NordVPV, you will simply have to connect by choosing a country other than yours from the list.

  • America: United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica.
  • Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania , Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Iceland, Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, North Macedonia.
  • Asia: India, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand.
  • Africa: South Africa.
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand.
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