Is RoboForm a Good Password Manager?

RoboForm - Password Manager

RoboForm has the reputation of being one of the best password managers for users with limited budget, offering the “RoboForm Everywhere” plan in addition to a free version, as well as a “Business” plan for enterprises.plan for businesses.

This password manager has a whole collection of security features, making this little utility as versatile as a real little Swiss Army knife.

The three proposed packages are available for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS systems.

The installation procedure is very simple: the installation program automatically selects the browser extensions.

After the install I was prompted to create user account and master password. Warning: there is no way to retrieve your master password, unless you have configured an “emergency access”.

Roboform password manager

Safety first!

RoboForm stores user passwords on its servers, allowing synchronization of multiple devices, password sharing and remote access to user account. This implies that these servers must be protected with the strongest possible encryption algorithms. This password manager keeps user data with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, which is the same level of encryption used by many banks.

An “end-to-end” encryption

This means that only the device that initiated the encryption has the key that can decrypt it. So, in case of server hack your passwords can be read only on your device and not on RoboForm server.

In addition to these security protocols, RoboForm offers most of the security features you would expect from a proper password manager:

1. Automatic filling of identifiers (login and password)

Thanks to a unique password, called “master password”, you will be able to automatically fill your logins and passwords for websites or mobile applications in a click or two, instead of having to type them manually on your keyboard. This is obviously the most important function since it will save you a significant amount of time year after year!

In order to log in to your application with your master password (the only one you should never forget), you will be able to activate two-factor authentication.

You can also set an expiration time for your master password so you will not even have to worry about closing your RoboForm session. For example: 10 minutes, or one hour, after the last use (entirely free choice).

2. Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Activating this feature is absolutely not mandatory, you can access your passwords with only the master password if you wish.

2FA enhances security by requiring you to provide a second form of verification with your master password before you can access your account information.

To do this, RoboForm synchronizes with 2FA applications like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and Authy, which generate temporary one-time passwords on your device that become obsolete after 30-60 seconds.

It is therefore a kind of counter that guarantees that only a user with physical access to his device at the very moment of connection can log in to his account, thus preventing a hacker from remotely accessing his account and having access to the different passwords stored.

This synchronization is done through a QR code scan or through a code provided at the time of initial configuration. Unfortunately, RoboForm allows 2FA compatibility only in paid versions.

RoboForm also offers biometric connections for mobile devices, as well as fingerprint or face scanning for any Windows computer with Windows Hello (the built-in biometric login system of Windows 10). This means that you can access your account using only your face or fingerprints since no master password is required.

Note that it is not possible to use USB key-based authenticators (YubiKey for example).

3. The Security Center

RoboForm Security Center is RoboForm’s audit tool for evaluating user’s passwords. It analyzes all passwords stored in your account and gives them an individual score. You then obtain an overall security score based on three main criteria: the estimated complexity of each password, the number of passwords reused for multiple sites or applications, and the duration of each password since its creation by the user.

Personally, my overall score was initially 46% …

Roboform password manager

Thus are displayed all your passwords, with their respective notes, their age in days (which may encourage you to change them from time to time), and finally the identical passwords used for several websites (which is never recommended).

Roboform password review

4. The password generator

Now a rather common feature, RoboForm Password Generator allows to create strong and unique passwords instantly. By default RoboForm generates 16-character passwords that contain uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

You can change the number of characters, the type of characters, among other options.

5. Backup passwords on demand

RoboForm not only saves passwords for online logins, it can also save passwords for applications on your desktop PC or MacOS, or on your tablet or phone.

This additional feature of RoboForm provides security against screen recorder-based hacking.

6. Emergency access

I told you, we are dealing with a real Swiss army knife. In fact, this feature is crucial for any self-respecting password manager software. You can authorize another person to access your account.

In case of physical hindrance (e.g. hospitalization), loss of your device, or forgetting your master password, RoboForm gives you the possibility to select an emergency contact at the time of purchase who will be able to consult your data in case of a really serious problem.

To configure emergency access, enter the email address of the trusted person and select a waiting period that can range from 0 (immediate access) to 30 days. This means that your emergency contact will not be able to access your account until the waiting period is over.

Of course you can revoke emergency access at any time, even if your emergency contact already has full access to your RoboForm data.

If you lose your master password, your emergency contact can download all your RoboForm information as a CSV file and send it to you. When you reinstall RoboForm and set a new master password you will be able to load this CSV file and retrieve all your data.

RoboForm Password Manager

7. Automatic filling of personal data

RoboForm was originally exclusively form-filling software, and only later evolved into password management and other features. As a result, RoboForm’s form-filling capabilities are among the best compared to those of competing password managers.

Thus, in addition to login and passwords, RoboForm allows the storage and automatic filling of

  • your identity,
  • your personal details,
  • your company details,
  • your passport,
  • your banking information,
  • your credit cards,
  • information about your vehicle.

It is also possible to create several different identities.

Once we have created at least one identity in RoboForm, we can automatically fill this information into web site or application forms by simply selecting the appropriate template in the browser extension.

8. The secure sharing function

RoboForm allows sharing passwords, form templates and personal notes with other RoboForm users, which is a valuable tool for different members of a family or work team.

Free version allows sending only one password at a time, while RoboForm Everywhere plan includes unlimited sharing between users, allowing to share folders with several passwords, notes or form templates at the same time.

It is important to differentiate between sharing and sending: with sharing, any changes made are automatically synchronized with the recipient, while sending allows users to send a password without the recipient having access to any subsequent changes to the password.

Roboform password manager

The different plans offered by RoboForm

RoboForm has 3 different price levels: a free version, the “RoboForm Everywhere” plan and the “Business” plan. All three plans are available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS systems. And they are also compatible with all browsers.

1. RoboForm free version: minimal but already interesting features

RoboForm Free is already an interesting formula: it offers unlimited passwords for a single device, as well as features such as online and application password auto-filling, web form auto-filling, password security verification, secure password sharing.

On the other hand, the free version does not allow the online backup of your identifiers and other data.

2. RoboForm Everywhere: the best plan at a great price

The big advantage of the “RoboForm Everywhere” plan is unlimited storage of passwords on an unlimited number of devices.

Moreover, all your data is automatically backed up to RoboForm servers, which is convenient in case your devices are lost or stolen…

RoboForm Everywhere also includes two-factor authentication (2FA), emergency access, 24/7 priority customer support.

Thanks to the Family option you can enjoy the same benefits, but this time for 5 separate accounts.

RoboForm Everywhere offers annual or multi-year plans with attractive price discounts.

Finally, RoboForm Everywhere comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it without too much risk.

3. The Business version

The formula Business is interesting for companies. It allows, for example, to centralize the accounts of all employees within a dashboard, to authorize an unlimited number of administrators, to create security rules for all users or only for a group, and finally to benefit from dedicated technical support.

Now time to conclude…

Overall I am really impressed with this password manager. I have been using it for at least ten years. It is easy to master and the interface is intuitive, without options and menus on all sides, with many security features such as 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA), “emergency access” function and password auditing.

RoboForm is a really well-designed utility: third-party 2FA applications like Google Authenticator synchronize easily with our application, and there is no blocking or waiting time when we want to share passwords and notes between different users and accounts.

The form-filling functions are also an impressive time-saver, allowing you to navigate through complex web forms with a single click.

Finally, this password manageris a little cheaper than many high-end competitors with affordable plans for individuals.

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