Starlink connects all seven continents, including Antarctica, to high-speed internet.

Map of the Seven Continents
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Elon Musk did not exaggerate when he stated that Starlink is intended to provide high-speed internet access to everyone on the planet. SpaceX recently confirmed that the Starlink satellite internet system is now available on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

SpaceX has already launched more than 3,000 satellites for Starlink, a giant Internet constellation that delivers broadband service to customers around the world.

Just a few years ago, the idea of Starlink providing high-speed internet access to Antarctica seemed far-fetched. However, according to a tweet from SpaceX, it is now possible to provide internet access to extremely remote locations such as Antarctica thanks to Starlink’s space laser network, which eliminates the need for ground stations.

Coverage of all seven continents praised by the National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation lauded Starlink, saying scientists in Antarctica are “over the moon” about the satellite internet service. The NSF also mentioned that the Starlink terminal had been installed at the McMurdo Station, a US Antarctic research station on Ross Island’s south tip.

“NSF-supported USAP scientists in #Antarctica are over the moon! Starlink is testing polar service with a newly deployed user terminal at McMurdo Station, increasing bandwidth and connectivity for science support”, the National Science Foundation wrote on Twitter.

Starlink satellite coverage on all seven continents - SpaceX

McMurdo Station is Antarctica’s largest community, with a capacity of 1,258 people. Elle est également l’une des trois installations scientifiques antarctiques basées aux États-Unis et ouvertes toute l’année. With an average temperature below freezing throughout the year, Starlink’s ability to provide internet access to such a location is truly impressive.

Starlink is quickly becoming Elon Musk’s latest disruptor, and its coverage of Antarctica demonstrates that the satellite internet system has what it takes to provide services around the world. Elon Musk recently stated that SpaceX has had discussions with Apple about possible Starlink connectivity for iPhones, indicating that the private space company is ramping up its mainstream efforts for the internet service.


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