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Surfshark is a young company founded in 2018 whose head office is located in the British Virgin Islands, and already has 3200 servers in 65 states. The main advantage of this VPN is that a single license is valid for an unlimited number of devices, the VPN will be usable simultaneously on all your devices and even those of your family.

Surfshark One - VPN and Antivirus

Surfshark VPN is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Android TV devices. You can download the application from the Surfshark website, from the App Store or Play Store depending on your device. Smart DNS is available for Apple TVs and other TVs, for Xboxes and for PlayStations.

Surfshark Pricing

Surfshark VPN - Pricing

This VPN is cheaper than most of its competitors. The most interesting package is the 24-month one since it allows you to benefit from an excellent 82% discount: it costs €2.09 ($2.49) per month and there are also 2 free months, i.e. a total of €54.34 ($59.76) for a period of 26 months. Then, billing is annual.

Surfshark VPN Tarification en Dollars

Those who would like to commit only for a period of up to one year can benefit from a plan which costs 3.59 ($3.99) per month, then the annual billing is €57.42 ($59.76 ). There is also monthly pricing, but the price is higher: €11.69 ($12.95).

In any case, you benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is always practical for testing a product. Customer support is available 24/7.

Surfshark features

Surfshark VPN Features

1/ One license for an unlimited number of devices

Pour utiliser votre VPN, il vous suffit de choisir un serveur dans une liste correspondant à différents pays. In just a few seconds, you will then be able to browse under cover of an IP address other than the one assigned to you by your Internet service provider.

Most other VPNs only allow simultaneous use of 5 or 6 devices, or even 7 devices for CyberGhost VPN. Here, Surfshark does infinitely better than its competitors since you can use your VPN on an infinite number of devices, whether it’s your own devices or those of your family, which lowers the cost per device.

2/ Kill Switch

This security measure is essential because it allows the IP address associated with the VPN to be monitored at any time: if the IP address used by the VPN suddenly changes, then this means that the internet connection is no longer secure. The VPN will instantly cut your connection. La connexion restera interrompue jusqu’à ce que le VPN parvienne à redémarrer correctement.

Surfshark VPN Kill Switch
Kill Switch

With this simple yet effective security measure, your data and identity will never be exposed to your ISP. If you still want to access the internet but the VPN does not restart, then all you have to do is turn off the VPN: the internet connection will be accessible again but it will not be secure.

3/ Torrenting and Streaming

Streaming platforms lock content by geographic region because of broadcast rights. By changing your IP address and geolocation, you can circumvent these restrictions. You will be able to access 15 Netflix libraries, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, etc…
Regarding the downloading of Torrents, this VPN offers optimized servers in the following countries: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain. If your country does not appear in this list, simply choose the nearest location in order to benefit from a fast connection.

4/ Double VPN

This feature called MULTIHOP uses two different VPN servers simultaneously for increased security. This option can be disabled because it can slow down your connection.

Surfshark Double VPN
Double VPN – Android Version
Surfshark Double VPN
Double VPN – macOS Version

5/ Security protocols

This VPN offers three: WireGuard, IKEv2/IPsec, and OpenVPN UDP/TCP, with AES-256 encryption. Your real IP address as well as your real location will remain secret because your connection will then become encrypted in order to resist any attempt at surveillance by a third party, no one will be able to read or intercept your data when you are connected.

The replacement of IP as well as the encryption of the internet connection are obviously very useful in the event of connection to a public Wifi network. It is indeed this type of network that hackers choose in priority to analyze our data and recover passwords or banking information.

6/ No Log Policy

Surfshark claims not to collect information such as: IP address, browsing history, bandwidth used, session information, network traffic, connection timestamps. In addition, this VPN uses RAM servers only: these servers allow better privacy than with classic servers because they are completely erased when they are turned off. Most ISPs are required to store their information for years.

Moreover, this VPN is located outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 eyes, even if this criterion may not be very relevant according to this article.

Surfshark VPN - Data Privacy
Data Privacy

7/ CleanWeb

This feature helps block Ads, Malwares, Phishing and Tracking cookies.

Surfshark Clean Web
Clean Web

8/ Static Dedicated IP

You can choose from a list of servers that allow static IP, i.e. only you will have it, which is handy for access permissions based on IP address.

Surfshark VPN - Static IP
Static IP

9/ Bypasser

This is the VPN’s ability to have only a portion of your internet traffic pass through the VPN while the rest uses the internet as normal. This feature therefore allows you to choose the applications, URLs or IPs to bypass the VPN or, on the contrary, those to be used with the VPN.

This option is very useful if you want to keep your computer’s IP visible from your printer or from your smartphone, while using your VPN for other cases: you just need to add to a list the names of the applications that manage your printer or smartphone, while keeping your VPN running for other apps and websites. This way, you don’t need to completely turn off your VPN to perform certain actions, a practice that could expose you to personal data leaks.

Surfshark VPN options

10/ IP Rotator

Here’s one more useful and rather rare feature, which adds a layer of security: IP Rotator automatically changes your IP address every few minutes, without you having to log out.

It is planned to add an additional option: to hide your browsing habits by giving you a new IP address each time you connect to a different website. The IP will change without disconnecting from the VPN.

Surfshark One: One security suite for all your devices

Surfshark is not just a simple VPN since there is a version combining the VPN as well as an antivirus, a warning system in the event of data leaks, a private and ad-free search engine, and a blocker. advertising. This rather complete solution is reminiscent of the packs offered by the AVAST company, such as Avast Ultimate or Avast One. But unlike Avast, a single license is enough for use on all your devices.

Antivirus Surfshark One
Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark Alert provides immediate blocking of your data to prevent identity theft. Search is an ad-free search engine that only shows relevant organic results. This search engine has the main quality of not saving your search queries. Finally, Surfshark Antivirus works in symbiosis with the Clean Web feature to block malware downloads.

Antivirus is free with any 24-month VPN subscription:

Surfshark One - VPN and Antivirus


What are the different payment methods accepted ?

You can pay by debit or credit card, with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon, in Android shops and in Apple Stores, Sofort (Germany), iDeal (Netherlands) and even with your cryptocurrencies ( through Coingate and Coinpayments).

Does Surfshark slow down the internet?

Surfshark users have no speed, bandwidth or data limitations. However, please note that you might experience slower speeds and response times (ping) with a VPN compared to speeds and response times without a VPN, especially if you are using the Double VPN feature.

Does Surfshark sell our data?

Surfshark does not collect your IP address, browsing history, session information or any other identifiable data.

Does Surfshark allow downloading torrents?

Yes, when you launch a P2P application while connected to the VPN, Surfshark automatically connects you to a special P2P server (the closest available).

How do I cancel my Surfshark subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription and stop future payments, our Customer Success Team will help you 24/7 via live chat or email. You’ll find buttons to start a live chat or submit tickets at the bottom of this page.

Does Surfshark work with Netflix?

You can watch Netflix securely from anywhere in the world, and enjoy a total of 15 Netflix catalogs. Simply connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice.

Will Netflix ban me from using the VPN?


Does Surfshark keep logs?

The VPN server only keeps enough data to maintain your VPN connection, and nothing is kept after you’re done.

Is Surfshark a good VPN?

Surfshark VPN unblocks most streaming services, allows torrenting, offers a choice of high-speed encryption protocols, without excessively slowing down your internet connection.

Surfshark VPN Comparison of other VPNs
Comparison of other VPNs

Does Surfshark hide my IP address?

Yes, connect to the server of your choice (choice of over 65 countries) to hide your IP address and watch your favorite content privately wherever you are. There is even a Double VPN feature.

Does Surfshark have servers based in Russia?

Although Surfshark does not have Russian servers, users in Russia can still use the VPN but they will have to use the IP address of another country, one of their choice.

Is Surfshark a Chinese company?

No. Founded in 2018, Surfshark is a company located in the British Virgin Islands.

Am I allowed to use a VPN in China?

Yes, using a VPN is still legal in China. Although many VPNs are blocked in China, there is no official ban on using VPNs.

How do I get a free Surfshark trial?

All you have to do is download the Surfshark application from the Apple App Store or Google Play, or even from a macOS, and install it. Open the app, then enter your email address and set up a password.

What is Surfshark One?

Surfshark is not just a simple VPN since there is a version called SurfShark One that includes the VPN as well as an antivirus, a data leak alert system (Surfshark Alert), an ad-free search engine , and an ad blocker. Surfshark Antivirus protects your devices from malware, viruses and intrusive apps.

Is it worth having a VPN at home?

VPN is highly recommended in any case, especially for working with sensitive data. You should keep it on most of the time to protect yourself from hackers, data breaches, leaks, and advertisers. VPNs encrypt your traffic and protect your privacy from third parties and cybercriminals.

Does a VPN hide your activity from your ISP?

Yes, a VPN hides the details of your browsing habits from your internet service provider.

Are VPNs a Waste of Money?

Yes, investing in a VPN is worth it, especially if you value privacy when surfing the Internet. VPNs create a private network for your devices, while using a public internet connection.

How many devices can Surfshark use?

You can download and use the app on unlimited devices. As there is no bandwidth limit, the number of devices used with a subscription does not affect the connection speed. You can even share your subscription with your family members!

Can I share my Surfshark account with a friend?

You can have an account and share it with every family member, just like Netflix.

Where are Surfshark’s VPN servers located?

Surfshark VPN Server Locations
Server location


Albania (Tirana), Andorra, Armenia (Yerevan), Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo), Bulgaria (Sofia), Croatia (Zagreb), Cyprus (Nicosia), Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark (Copenhagen), Estonia (Tallinn), Finland (Helsinki), France (Marseille, Paris, Bordeaux), Georgia (Tbilisi), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), Greece (Athens), Hungary (Budapest), Iceland ( Reykjavik), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Milan, Rome), Latvia (Riga), Liechtenstein (Vaduz), Lithuania (Vilnius) Luxembourg, Malta (Valletta), Moldova (Chisinau), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Montenegro (Podgorica ), Netherlands (Amsterdam), North Macedonia (Skopje), Norway (Oslo), Poland (Warsaw, Gdansk), Portugal (Porto, Lisbon), Romania (Bucharest), Serbia (Belgrade), Slovakia (Bratislava), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Spain (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Zurich), Turkey (Istanbul), Ukraine (kyiv), United Kingdom (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, London).


Argentina (Buenos Aires), Bahamas, Bolivia (Sucre), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogota), Costa Rica (San José), Ecuador (Quito), Mexico (Mexico City), Panama (Panama), Peru (Lima), United States (Seattle, Orlando, Miami, Houston, Ashburn, Charlotte, Atlanta, New York, Kansas City, Tampa, Chicago, St. Louis, Latham, Buffalo , Salt Lake City, Dallas, Phoenix, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Boston, Bend, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose), Venezuela (Caracas).

Asia Pacific:

Australia (Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide), Azerbaijan (Baku), Bangladesh (Dhaka), Bhutan (Thimphu), Brunei (Begawan), Combodge (Phnom Penh), Hong Kong, India (Chennai, Mumbai, Indore) , Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan (Tokyo), Kazakhstan (Oral), Laos (Vientiane), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), Myanmar (Naypyidaw), Nepal (Kathmandu), New Zealand (Auckland), Philippines (Manila), Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Taiwan (Taichung), Thailand (Bangkok), Uzbekistan (Tashkent).

Middle East and Africa:

Algeria (Algiers), Egypt (Cairo), Israel (Tel Aviv), Morocco (Rabat), Nigeria (Lagos), South Africa (Johannesburg), United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


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