Windows 10X Plans to Prevent Reuse of Stolen Devices

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Windows 10X, scheduled for release in the spring of this year, will incorporate a new security feature that will prevent the reuse of devices equipped with it in the event of theft. Following several leaks concerning the new features brought by Windows 10X over the past two weeks, we are learning a little more about its new features every day.

According to the specialist portal Bleeping Computer, recently released images show some of the new features of Windows 10X, including “anti-theft protection”, which prevents the factory settings from being reset. In any case, it is a good deterrent measure.

According to Microsoft’s description of the feature, “The anti-theft feature will prevent someone else from resetting your device and using it again. When the anti-theft protection is activated, you will need to enter the PIN code or password. password of your Microsoft account before you can reset and use this device”.

The new security system is to discourage those who plan to steal devices with this operating system, because that can not be reset, it will be almost impossible to reuse them, so their value on the black market will decrease considerably.

In addition to this new security feature, it will be compulsory for the users to log in with a Microsoft account in order to initialize the PC, Windows will be a simpler operating system update and lightest, onedrive storage there will be more deeply integrated and there will be no backward vis-à-vis the previous versions of Windows.

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