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WPvivid is a very popular backup plugin that has a rating of 4.9/5 on the wordpress.org site. This plugin also allows you to create “staging” sites, that is to say sites to test various WordPress themes and plugins so as not to risk disrupting the operation of our main website.

It is also possible to migrate websites. Finally, this very useful plugin allows to optimize the images used in the WordPress media library.

WPvivid Pricing

We have four paid plans to choose from. The “BLOGGER” plan is the cheapest, it costs $49 per year, and allows the use of the plugin on 2 websites. The other three plans are particularly suitable for professionals: they allow you to create “staging” sites and allow the installation of the plugin on a greater number of websites.

WP Vivid-WordPress Plugin-Annual Pricing

These 3 pro plans range from $69 for the “Freelancer” plan (10 websites) to $99 for the “Small Business” plan (50 websites), and up to $149 for the “Ultimate” plan (allows the management of an unlimited number of websites).

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Lifetime Pricing

In any case, it is possible to benefit from “Lifetime” pricing which allows you to benefit from the features of the plugin by making a single payment, and not an annual payment.

It is also possible to test the plugin for free . A money-back guarantee is offered, within 30 days of license purchase.

WPvivid features

1) Backing up WordPress sites

– Manual backups

You can create a backup of your WordPress site very easily.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Backup manual

Just like with the competitor plugin UpdraftPlus, it is possible to choose to backup the entire site (the database + the WordPress files: articles, pages, comments …), only the WordPress files or only the database .

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-backups-files option

– Scheduled backups

Unlike a manual backup, you can set a schedule to automatically run backups on your website. You can configure backups to run every 12 hours, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Schedule Backups

– Remote storage of backups

Grâce à WPvivid, vous pouvez envoyer vos sauvegardes hors site vers un emplacement distant. Le plugin prend en charge les principaux fournisseurs de stockage distant: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, ainsi que les sauvegardes par les méthodes FTP et SFTP. Il est même possible d’envoyer automatiquement ses sauvegardes vers plusieurs espaces de stockage!

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Backups-Remote Storage Settings

This option is particularly important because it allows you to deal with three problems: first, the hacking of your WordPress site, and second, the accidental destruction of the data of your web host, as was the case for the French company OVH , at a fire that took place on March 10, 2021. Finally, this type of storage makes it possible to avoid saturation of the disk space that you have rented from your web host.

2) Migration of WordPress sites

You have the option to clone and migrate your WordPress site to a new website with just one click. WPvivid supports site migration from a dev environment to a new server, from a dev environment to a new domain, or from a live server to another. You can also migrate a site to a subdirectory.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Internet Domain Migration

As with backups, you are free to choose what you want to migrate: the entire site, just the WordPress files, or just the database.

3) Staging site creation (test sites)

With this feature, you can create a test site in a subdirectory of your live site so you can safely test new WordPress plugins, new WordPress themes, or any other changes to your website.

4) 1-click restoration of your backups

Restore your WordPress site from a backup with just one click. You just need to choose the backup you want to restore.

Other cool features of WPvivid

1) Cleaning up unused images

This feature is very practical for finding useless images, or to avoid accidentally deleting images that we use for our website. So you can scan your WordPress media library for unused images, then you can choose to clean up a specific image or all unused images.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Clean up unused media files

2) Incremental backups

This type of backup is much more efficient and faster than a full backup: incremental backups allow you to back up only the files that have changed compared to the previous backup, thus offering the advantage of saving your web host’s storage space , which is especially useful for large websites.

3) Encryption of database backups

It is always advisable to add a layer of security to your data.

4) Managing multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard

To benefit from this feature, you must download the “MainWP” plugin. More details regarding the configuration of the “MainWP” plugin in this video:

You must then download the plugin called “WPvivid Backup For MainWP”. Downloading this plugin is done directly from the WPvivid menu and therefore does not pose any difficulty or uncertainty regarding compatibility.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Clean up unused media files

Both of these plugins allow you to create and upload backups of a specific child site, set backup schedules, set WPvivid backup plugin settings for all your child sites right from your MainWP dashboard.

5) Email notifications

In order to ensure the result of each backup, it is quite possible to add one or more e-mail addresses to receive a notification when a backup succeeds or fails.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin-Features

FAQs about WPvivid

Does the plugin have a limit on the size of my website?

No, in theory the WPvivid backup plugin (free and pro versions) can backup, migrate or restore sites of any size, as long as your web host’s server resources allow it.

Can I use the WPvivid backup plugin to backup my WooCommerce websites?

Yes, you can use it to backup your entire WooCommerce website, and you can also create incremental backups of your WooCommerce files.

Can I store backups on my PC?

Yes, to do this, use the download option present in the plugin and download the savegames directly to your PC or to your external devices.

What is WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro?

This is the paid version of the plugin, which offers many more advanced features than the trial version: incremental backups, advanced backups, advanced automatic migration, encryption of your database backup, white labeling, and more remote storage options.

I am a beginner. How to install the free version of the WPvivid plugin?

The procedure is very simple, and perfectly suitable for a beginner: to install the backup plugin, you must follow these steps: 1) Go to your site admin dashboard. 2) Go to the Plugins menu and simply search for “WPvivid” in the search bar. 3) Click on “Install now”, then on “Activate” the plugin.

Can we benefit from a free trial?

Yes, it is possible to do a 14-day free trial, without having to provide a credit card.

Does WPvivid support Local by Flywheel ?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Are there any renewal discounts?

Yes, coupons are sent to users at irregular intervals.

Do I have to pay for help and support?

There is no additional support fee payment. In addition, it is offered priority support for premium users.

You can buy the WPvivid plugin from the official website.

More details on backup options for your WordPress sites in this video:

To conclude, this backup plug-in, very popular for backing up or migrating websites, has many advantages in terms of ease of use, price, and the importance of the features offered.

WPVivid-WordPress Plugin- Backups - Features
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